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A two-day rigorous session which results in a 3-5 year strategic plan and 1 year action plan reflecting priorities. LCA's consensus based decision process brings the group through exploration of opportunities and threats; assessment of current state against future desired state; articulation of mission vision, customers, partners, stakeholders, and articulation of 3-5 year outcomes, strategies and tactics. Year one priorities are determined and "fleshed out" in what, who, why, and by when terms.


Periodically, it's important to assess where an organization or team is in its day to day operation or development process. LCA, Inc. tailors the approach with the client to provide an independent assessment of the organization or the team’s status. The process may include focus groups, interviews, or employee surveys. The result is a report of the status of the organization against the agreed upon parameters and recommendations on how to address the results.


LCA customizes training and workshops to meet client needs. The programs can be designed for groups of any size with a duration of one-half day and up to 3 days, depending on desired objectives. A number of programs have received excellent reviews from many federal clients and provide usable tools and skills.


Being successful in today’s complex organization environment requires a skill set which may not come naturally for many individuals in leadership positions. Proven leadership capabilities in today’s workplace for both the profit and non-for-profit sectors cover a wide range of skills and behaviors – how can any one individual be all things at all times? In our experience, the leaders who regularly solicit feedback from others and continuously hone their skills have the best change of successfully leading a high performing organization. LCA is here to help in that process of continuous self-improvement, and serve as a trusted advisor to our clients.


The most basic service offered by LCA, Inc. is meeting facilitation. Consultants design and facilitate meetings of any length and include as part of the service specialized materials, name tents/badges, power point presentations, on site documentation of results, and a final report. There are various levels of expertise and specialties on the LCA, Inc. team, which are recommended, based on the group and desired results. 


We are making things happen through people. 

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