Change is a constant and adapting to ongoing change is an imperative.  LCA Consultants work with clients to identify desired or required changes and build a strategy and plan to implement change.  The firm applies a highly collaborative model for leading and implementing change.  Those impacted by the change are invited to help shape its implementation and contribute to long-term beneficial impacts.

To support successfully implementing change, LCA designs the program and change management strategy to include foundational elements for an effective change implementation including:

  • Highly engaged leadership.
  • Clearly defined outcomes, boundaries and limitations.
  • Time, people and resources dedicated to the change process.
  • Involvement in the change process by those impacted by the change.
  • Continuous communication, communication, and more communication.
  • Periodic assessment of the impact and benefits of the changes.
  • Flexibility to adjust decisions and changes all along the way.

Change management efforts are highly customized and will depend on the leader’s needs, objectives, style and desired results.

Organization Assessment – Issue/Challenge Identification

Periodically, organizations and teams should assess their effectiveness in meeting its mission, realizing its vision and achieving results against its strategies and plans.  LCA tailors the approach with the client to provide an independent assessment of the organization or team.

The assessment process may take one of several formats including: electronic surveys, focus groups, or interviews. The outcome is a written report which outlines the status of the organization against the agreed upon parameters or metrics and provides recommendations on addressing the results.

Assessments provide important data about required improvements or changes need to increase overall performance.  An assessment may indicate any number of scenarios including the need to:

  • Address ineffective processes.
  • Change the organization’s culture.
  • Improve workforce satisfaction and performance.
  • Infuse new technology, tools, or systems.
  • Better align with customer need and requirements.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Address leadership gaps or issues.
  • Establish or develop strategic relationships.

Organization and System Design

LCA’s expertise in organization and system design facilitates the development and implementation of an organization’s structure and/or processes. Consultants design and facilitate processes to support teams in:

·       Establishing requirements or desired changes

·       Exploring options and the costs/benefits to reorganizing or reinventing its systems

·       Selecting the best fit to meet the desired objectives

LCA Consultants offer both content and process support in these activities. Experience and sharing of best practices from other government or private sector organizations successes are key to this consulting support.

Leadership Transitions

A change in leadership can be very disruptive whether positive or negative. Ensuring a smooth and value added transition for the new leader and organization is essential and may be easily accomplished with a customized process for giving and receiving critical information within the first 30-60 days of entry. It is highly engaging, informative, and offers both the new leader and the leadership team with essential sharing of perspectives, styles, and priorities in a short workshop.

Leadership & Management Competencies & Practices